New Tory vice-chair culls ‘white public schoolboy’ Remainer from candidate list

New Tory vice-chair culls 'white public schoolboy' Remainer from candidate list
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With the new Tory vice-chairman for youth, Ben Bradley, currently making headlines for ill-judged blog posts from 2012, it's safe to say that Theresa May's plan to revamp CCHQ by appointing 13 MPs as vice-chairs, hasn't gone entirely to plan.

However, one vice chairman is determined to make a success of her brief – no matter the cost. Step forward Kemi Badenoch. The MP for Saffron Walden has been put in charge of selecting Conservative candidates for the 2022 general election. However, in this week’s edition of The House magazine, Badenoch reveals that her first task consisted of knocking a white public schoolboy off the list. Only it wasn't any white public schoolboy, it was her husband:

'My first task as vice chair for candidates is kicking my husband off the candidates list. Even in that sort of scenario, people will say ‘oh they’re getting rid of Remainers’, because he was Remain and I was Brexit, or ‘he’s been removed because he’s a white public schoolboy' or something.

But actually, it’s just because there’s a conflict of interest if you’re on the candidates list and your wife’s head of candidates. I didn’t think that it would be appropriate. As long as I’m doing this role, I asked him if he minded just stepping off because I don’t want that to be part of the argument.'

Well, it makes a nice change from family members on the payroll...

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