New York Times goes easy on ‘Failing Grayling’

New York Times goes easy on 'Failing Grayling'
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Chris Grayling has managed to take the government's 'Global Britain' agenda up a gear this week with an appearance in the New York Times. The under fire Transport Secretary is the subject of a blistering editorial in the American paper (which has developed a penchant for negative UK stories these days) titled 'How Does He Survive? The Curious Case of ‘Failing Grayling’. The paper claims Grayling has 'bumbled his way from one government post to another' starring 'in a black comedy sideshow of his own'.

Yet it's fair to say that in one respect the paper has gone easy on him. In the print article, it cites that the Labour party has calculated that Chris Grayling's misadventures have cost British taxpayers £2.7 million. However, it's actually £2.7 billion pounds, according to the analysis.

Happily, the error has now been corrected:

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