Nicola Sturgeon borrows Thatcher’s election slogan

Nicola Sturgeon borrows Thatcher's election slogan
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Although Nicola Sturgeon puts her career in politics down to Margaret Thatcher, she scarcely has anything positive to say about the Iron Lady. In fact, the SNP leader says that she entered politics as a result of her anger at the impact of Thatcher’s politics on Scotland.

Still, she appears to have no qualms about borrowing one of the methods Thatcher used to help ensure success at the polls. The SNP's latest election advert bears the slogan 'don't just hope for a better Scotland, vote for one'. As Scottish Labour have since pointed out, this bears a strong resemblance to Thatcher's 1979 election slogan, which read: 'Don't just hope for a better life. Vote for one.'

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While Sturgeon said any accusation that she was copying lines from Thatcher is 'desperate', surely it's just a matter of time til the Corbynistas ask: why doesn't Sturgeon just go and join the Tories?

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