Nicola Sturgeon defends her Covid border

Nicola Sturgeon defends her Covid border
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For some time now, Scots living in England have been placed in an unfortunate position by Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. Since November last year, the Scottish government has barred people from moving between Scotland and England for non-essential reasons, effectively creating a cross-border travel ban. The move has been particularly painful for those with family or friends stuck on the wrong side of the border.

You might have thought then that today would have brought them some welcome reprieve, as Nicola Sturgeon used a press conference to announce that travel restrictions will be lifted across Scotland from Friday, to allow people to socialise outdoors.

Unfortunately though, the Scottish First Minister declined to extend her munificence to those in England. Asked if that meant people would finally be able to cross the border, Sturgeon instead appeared to suggest that the disease-stricken English would infect the cleansed up north, saying that she didn’t want to risk pub-goers ‘potentially bringing the virus back’ to Scotland in the next few weeks.

But is Sturgeon right to be wary of the English? Mr S isn’t exactly convinced. According to Public Health England’s Covid tracker, Scotland currently has nearly twice as many coronavirus cases per capita than England at the moment:

If anything, it should be the English worried about Scots bringing the disease down south. But perhaps that obscures the real reason the border is still closed: that Nicola Sturgeon has rather enjoyed cutting Scotland off from the rest of the UK…

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