Nigel Farage: I’ve no doubt my health will have failed by 2020

Nigel Farage: I've no doubt my health will have failed by 2020
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After Mr S revealed the strict door policy for the launch of Nigel Farage's new book The Purple Revolution at the Blue Boar in Westminster, the impromptu drinks affair was filled with mostly friendly faces from the media. Columnist Isabel Oakeshott introduced the Ukip leader, telling the audience that 'of all the politicians I've had lunch with over the years — and there are an awful lot of them — Nigel is right up there in the top five of the best people to have what I think he calls a PFL: a proper f---ing lunch".

Farage himself was in an ebullient mood, following the multi-day serialisation of his book. He used the opportunity to remind the Westminster elite that rumours of his demise were unfounded:

'I think the book will help dispel some of the unpleasant rumours that have been going around about me. The gossip is that I'm not well. If you read the book, you'll understanding I've never been well. So it's situation normal.'

Farage took time out of his evening to attack the 'experts' attempting to predict the election outcome — many of whom were present in the room. While he likened their efforts to 'the child's game of pin the tale on the donkey,' Farage made his predictions for Ukip clear:

'If we get over this hurdle respectably, then our 2020 strategy -- which will be the number of seats we come second -- could make us a really massive player in British politics by 2020. I've no doubt my health will have failed by then, according to all the experts . But I've seen my doctor and I'm told 40 a day is pretty reasonable.'

Mr S reckons this is at least the third time in recent weeks the Ukip leader has dismissed rumours about his health. Maybe it's time for Nigel to head down to South Thanet and remind the folks who will decide his future that he is alive and kicking?