James Forsyth

Nigel Farage, the anti-politician

Nigel Farage, the anti-politician
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Nigel Farage was in full anti-politics mode this morning on the Today programme. He railed against ‘three frontbenches that look and sound the same’ and ‘haven’t done a proper day’s work in their lives.’

Farage is determined that Ukip be can both a protest party and a party with policies. He wants to offer himself to anyone who is fed up with the established order and wants to stick two fingers up at the main political parties. But he also wants to advance a radical policy prospectus. Interestingly, he said he wasn’t a Tory but he had been a supporter of eighties radicalism.

So far, the Farage approach appears to be working; even those in Number 10 expect Ukip to top the poll in the European elections. But there’s also an expectation that come the next election, Ukip will find its support too spread out to win seats. As Fraser said earlier, the question is what is Ukip’s high water mark?