Luke McShane

No. 639

No. 639
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White to play. Giri-Wojtaszek, Wijk aan Zee 2021. On his last move, Black waited with 48… Ba1-b2, yielding White a decisive opportunity. Which move enabled Giri to break through? Answers should be emailed to by Monday 8 February. There is a prize of £20 for the first correct answer out of a hat. Please include a postal address and allow six weeks for prize delivery.

Last week’s solution: 1...Bc3+! 2 Rxc3 (2 Ke2 Bf3#) Nf3+ 3 Ke2 Rd2+ 4 Kf1 Rd1+ 5 Kg2 Rg1+ 6 Kh3 Bf5+ 7 g4 Bxg4#

Last week’s winner Mark Jenkins, Cardiff