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Luke McShane

No. 661

No. 661
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Black to play. Daggupati–Mishra, Charlotte 2020. 1…Rf1+ 2 Kg2 is a dead end, as White’s queen covers the f2 square. Mishra found the only way to draw; his subtle move combined a threat of perpetual check with a stalemate motif. Which move did he play? Answers should be emailed to chess@spectator.co.uk by Monday 12 July. There is a prize of £20 for the first correct answer out of a hat. Please include a postal address.

Last week’s solution 1 Rc8! deflects the Black rook. White wins after 1…Rxc8 2 Bxe7

Last week’s winner Gavin Felgate, Letchworth Garden City, Herts

Written byLuke McShane

Luke McShane is chess columnist for The Spectator.

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