James Forsyth

No thawing in Ed Miliband’s attitude to the Liberal Democrats

No thawing in Ed Miliband's attitude to the Liberal Democrats
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Ed Miliband’s interview with The Times today is striking for the language he uses about the Liberal Democrats. There’s no attempt to follow up last week’s Clegg, Miliband outflanking of Cameron with a love bombing of the deputy Prime Minister. Instead, there’s an emphasis that it would be ‘very difficult to work in a future Labour government with somebody who has taken the opposite position in a Tory government’. There are no warm words for Vince Cable either: “He flirts with the right position but doesn’t consummate it."

I think this reveals two things. First, Miliband knows that the coalition is surprisingly solid; it is not going to collapse anytime soon whatever the differences over press regulation. Second, he has, quite sensibly, decided not to begin any coalition negotiations until after the election.