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Not his best performance, but Cameron’s emphasis on growth is welcome

Not his best performance, but Cameron's emphasis on growth is welcome
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David Cameron was not at his best on the Andrew Marr show. On a morning when there are two bad news stories for him in the papers, the narrowing of the Tory lead to six points in one poll and him and Brown having to apologise to Westminster Abbey for their conduct on Remembrance day, Cameron’s performance was well below his usual standards.

What struck me about the content of Cameron’s performance was the emphasis that he put on growth when talking about how the Conservatives would get the country out of the fiscal hole it is in. As I reported at the time of Tory conference, the Tories actually have some radical pro-growth policies—including a significant cut in corporation tax—in development. But they so far haven’t talked about them. Cameron’s remarks today indicate that they are moving towards doing so. 

PS On the Ipsos-Mori poll, Anthony Well is--as always--worth reading.


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