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Not in our name - Muslims respond in revulsion to Charlie Hebdo massacre

Not in our name - Muslims respond in revulsion to Charlie Hebdo massacre
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The Muslim Council of France, and of Britain, have denounced today's attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo. The imam of the mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, has said:

"This is a thunderous declaration of war. The times have changed. We're entering a new phase of this confrontation... we are horrified by the brutality and the savagery"

But Muslims don't need imams - or 'community leaders' - to speak for them - they can do it for themselves. Here are some of the denunciations on Twitter:-

— Almis A. Aman (@Almis310) January 8, 2015

As a Muslim, I condemn these senseless extremist acts. We are a religion of peace and not manslaughter #CharlieHebdo

— Hakim Kharbouch (@Hakimkharbouch) January 8, 2015

— Memz Dogi (@Memz_Dogi) January 8, 2015

The armed attack in #CharlieHebdo office is not accepted from any point of view. I,as a #Muslim,strongly condemn this actions. #notinmyname

— Masood Adeli (@MrMAdeli) January 8, 2015

As a Muslim and Turk, I condemn the terrorist attack on #CharlieHebdo — Tuğçe Sibel (@ssibelatay) January 7, 2015

Killed innocent people, destroyed families & ruined lives. As a Muslim I ask; what has this accomplished? #ParisShooting — Nadia (@LolaxGlitter) January 7, 2015

As a Muslim, I also condemn senseless terrorism that killed innocent people in France. It's not Islamic teaching. @mwasa @MuvunyiF @gatjmv — UTUMATWISHIMA (@jnabdallah) January 7, 2015

A small tribute to the victims of #CharlieHebdo As A Muslim I condemn this barbarous attack. — Sheheryar Ahmad (@sheriahmad) January 7, 2015

As a #muslim and #human i condemn the killing of #innocents in #CharlieHebdo attack of paris — Arbaaz khan (@aarohkhan) January 7, 2015

I'm a Muslim and I unequivocally condemn the massacre in Paris. #CharlieHebdo — Bilal Lashari (@belallashari) January 7, 2015

As someone raised Muslim, senseless bloodshed in my name is far more offensive to me than any cartoon can ever be #CharlieHebdo — Coco (@cocobyname) January 7, 2015

My family is French. My family is Muslim. I am a journalist. We are grieving. #CharlieHebdo — Farran Nehme (@selfstyledsiren) January 7, 2015

The attack on #CharlieHebdo is cowardly and senseless.. As a Muslim I am outraged by what happened today. Prayers to the families — Asma (@LibyanBentBladi) January 7, 2015

Quran says: Whoever kills an innocent soul.. it is as if they had killed the entire humanity. #CharlieHebdo #Paris — Mohammed Al-Binateej (@ATEEKSTER) January 7, 2015

I strongly condemn the attack against Charlie Hebdo Magazine. A muslim can not be terrorist and a terrorist can not be muslim.. — Emre Soncan (@soncanemre) January 7, 2015

As a Muslim I condemn the #CharlieHebdo killings.Yes you can be offended but we have to preserve freedom of speech. — Sabina (@sabinabeautyetc) January 7, 2015 As a Muslim, I find the murder of innocent people more despicable and offensive than any cartoon could ever be. #CharlieHebdo — Zainab Akhtar (@comicsandcola) January 7, 2015

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