Rod Liddle

Not on my bus

Not on my bus
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Must admit I’m thoroughly enjoying the government’s fury that decent, white, Christian, blind people keep getting chucked off buses because Muslims object to them. Apparently there is something in the Koran warning that if you brush up against a blind person, or get his saliva on your hand, it is haram – which means no virgins for you, matey. In the list of bad stuff Allah really hates it is equivalent to simultaneously eating a gala pie while rogering Graham Norton and reading a piece about Hamas by Melanie Phillips. (Any of you tried all of that? There always comes a point where you have to put the article down to concentrate on the last few crumbs of the pie).

Or maybe I’ve got it wrong and it’s the guide dogs they object to. There are stories in the Daily Mail today about Muslims shrieking in fury when guide dogs walk past them and various pressure groups insist that they receive lots of complaints. Thing is, how do the blind people KNOW its Muslims shrieking?

Still, I suppose the government is right to insist that guide dogs should be allowed wherever the owners want them to be – and that further, dogs accompanying sighted people should be allowed onto public transport, unless they are untermensch pit bulls called “Moaty”. And the Muslim Council of Britain is right, too, in its sensible and measured advice to what must be a vanishingly small number of fanatical anti-dogist Muslim objectors; don’t worry about it, dogs are ok, if you’re really worried just have a wash. The MCB is depressingly sensible these days.