Peter Hoskin

Now Cameron must act

Now Cameron must act
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So the truth is now out on the shadow Cabinet's expense claims.  Alan Duncan claimed £4,000 of gardening costs.  Gove and Lansley are alleged to have "flipped" their second home designations, as well as spending £1,000s on home furnishings and renovations.  Francis Maude and Chris Grayling have tidy property portfolios going.  And Cheryl Gillan claimed for dog food.  The Telegraph has full details here.

Tories will be relieved that the "top three" - Cameron, Osborne and Hague - are adjudged to have "relatively straightforward claims," although Osborne is said to have claimed for a chauffeur.  So the question now is how the Tory leader responds to the revelations, and whether he'll preempt any horror stories that may emerge from the Tory backbenches. 

There's been a disheartening lack of opprobrium from all the political parties over these damning, and damnable, receipts.  And unless one of the leaders takes the issue by the scruff of the neck - and in some way deals with the troughers in their party - then you fear that the public's trust in Parliament will have been dealt a fatal blow.  So go on Mr Cameron, Prime Minister-in-waiting: act.

P.S. I missed Cameron's appearances on the news just now, but my exclusive source (ok, my Mum) says that he was convincingly apologetic. If any CoffeeHousers tuned in, do let us know your thoughts below.