Peter Hoskin

Now’s the time

Now's the time
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If there's anything we don't already know about today, then I'm struggling to find it.  The election will be declared for 6th May.  Brown will make a pitch which bears close resemblance to his interview in the Mirror today: "We have come so far. Do we want to throw this all away?"  Cameron will say that the Tories are fighting this election for the "Great Ignored".  Clegg will claim that the Lib Dems represent "real fairness and real change".  A hundred news helicopters will buzz around Westminster.  A thousand blog-posts (including this one) will have headlines to the effect of "And so it begins...".  And we'll all read the Guardian's exclusive preview of the Labour manifesto: voting at 16, measures to help football supporters run football clubs, good police forces taking over bad ones, and so on.  But even most of that has been trailed heavily over the past few months.

So let's turn to something a little bit more unknown – the actual election result.  I'm going to ignore directive 27b from the Handbook for Political Journalists, and actually make a prediction: a 20 seat or so majority for the Tories.  And just so I'm not the only one left looking stupid (or prescient) on May 7th, I'd recommend you use the comments section below to make predictions of your own.  Then we can compare and constrast with the actual result, when it comes.

In the meantime, watch out for yourselves.  The politicians are flitting around like bats.  And they're thirsty for your vote.