Peter Hoskin

Now Straw’s name comes up in the Lords-for-hire scandal

Now Straw's name comes up in the Lords-for-hire scandal
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Just how far-reaching could the Lords-for-hire scandal turn out to be?  Pretty far, if the latest reports are anything to go by.  This morning's Mail revealed that 1-in-5 Lords act as consultants or advisers to "outside interests".  And now the Standard discloses that Jack Straw has received money from one of the peers at the centre of the row - in one case, as a "personal gift".  Of course, we should reserve judgement until after any proper inquiry, but the Straw connection will almost certainly cause a few headaches on Downing Street.  Given Labour's faltering poll position, they'll be worried by any indication - however slight or tangential - that the Government itself is embroiled in this scandal.  After all, as history has shown, "sleaze" allegations can help deliver the killing blow to a dying government.