Rod Liddle

Now that’s what I call ‘progressive’

Now that’s what I call ‘progressive’
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I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the left try to attack these changes to child benefit changes from the left. The truth is it is a far more “progressive” policy than Labour would have dared, or indeed did dare, throughout its thirteen years in power. I suppose it is easier for the Conservatives to get away with it without being called vindictive class warriors, mind. On Newsnight, Polly Toynbee attempted to make out it was the Conservative Party’s policy to kill all children, or something, insisting that its proposed cuts had so far borne the imprimatur of King Herod, but she made herself look very silly indeed.

But what about some of you people, out there on the right? Doesn’t it grate with you that yet again the blameless, high-achieving middle class is being asked to fork out for the crimes of (in what ever order you might care to put it) the feckless untermensch who got themselves into all that debt, or the bankers, of Gordon?