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Obama and Omar

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One of the penalties of a three week blogging hiatus is that one misses stuff. For instance, I hadn't realised Barack Obama's favourite TV show was The Wire. The Las Vegas Sun reported:

Michael Kostroff, an actor who was in town to volunteer for Obama and had a chance to meet him, told the Sun that Obama’s favorite TV show is his own: HBO’s “The Wire,” which chronicles Baltimore’s violent drug culture and the police who quixotically try to stop it.

Obama told the Sun his favorite character is Omar, a stick-up artist who steals from drug dealers and then gives the loot to poor people in the neighborhood.

“That’s not an endorsement. He’s not my favorite person, but he’s a fascinating character.”

My pal Mike Crowley commented, astutely, that this is:

A small but telling example of why, on a superficial level, the media falls for Obama. Can you imagine Hillary talking in such detail about an edgy television show, much less naming a thug as her favorite character...?

True that. Omar is not so much a thug, of course, as the show's Robin Hood character -  heck, he's righteous. Come to think of it, that seems an appropriate match for the Obama campaign. After all doesn't Obama rather see Hillary Clinton as the Sheriff of Nottingham?

I don't suppose Hillary has ever watched The Wire but, if she did, who do you think would be her favourite character?

UPDATE: Mr Eugenides is first out of the blocks, suggesting, reasonably enough, that it would depend upon whom Hillary was talking too. Like me, however, he thinks it unlikely Mayor Royce would be at the top of the list. Who should be?

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