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Obama’s 100 days and Guido’s triumph

Obama's 100 days and Guido's triumph
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There's a special pullout in this week's issue of the magazine, analysing Obama's first 100 days in power.  All the article from it are available online, and you can access them via these links:

Reihan Salam, the leading young conservative intellectual, argues that although Obama isn’t doing badly, the sheen has already come off his presidency.

Adam Boulton opens up his Washington diary.

Irwin Stelzer says that Obama’s budget shows that he wants to turn the United States into a European-style social democracy

British Conservatives may be reaching the end of their term in the wilderness. American Republicans look to be just beginning theirs, writes David Frum

For all her star power on the international stage, it will be in her own backyard that Michelle Obama has the most effect, says Alexandra Starr

The foreign policy challenges President Obama will face might make him nostalgic for the economic crisis that has so dominated his first 100 days, says James Forsyth

Tim Shipman argues that the real test for Obama is the one that Tony Blair flunked: combining style with substance.

The magazine also contains an article by the Man of the Moment - Guido Fawkes - revealing how he broke Smeargate.  You can read it here.