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Obama’s inauguration: live blog

Obama's inauguration: live blog
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Welcome to Coffee House's live blog of Barack Obama's inauguration.  Obama's at Capitol Hill now, and the ceremony will start shortly.  Stay tuned, and keep refreshing the page for updates.

PH: Plenty off security concerns surrounding events today.  In a bulletin yesterday evening, the FBI said they have reason to believe a Somalia-based Islamist group - called al-Shabaab - may be plotting something.  The Times has a good piece on the security measures that are in place: 


JGF: 4.40PM Joe Biden, who I suspect will keep us all entertained these next four years, come out just before Obama. When the President-elect enters, the whole place goes crazy.

PH: Expect a (dispiriting) tug of war between Labour and the Tories over Barack Obama's Inaugural Address. 'Round Westminster, Tories seem  pleased  that "responsibility" is set to be the key theme of Obama's  address. Meanwhile, Labour spin-merchants will be listening out for references to increased spending, borrowing, "global crisis" etc. etc. 

PH: Haven't heard an official number for the crowd yet - but some reports say that 2-3million have gathered in Washington to watch proceedings.

JGF: Dianne Feinstein, the Californian Senator, does the official warm-up act. 

JGF: The selection of Rick Warren has been controversial on the left. But the prayer is fairly mainstream with only one coded reference as far as I can tell.

JGF: Barack Obama does not use his middle name while swearing the oath.

JGF: Some gracious words for Bush. 

PH: Obama gives a gracious line of thanks to Bush. Tradtional, but all reinforces the bi-partisan approach.

PH: "Our nation is at war ... our economy is weakened ... healthcare is too costly." Obama's not mincing his words. Expectations management, perhaps? Maybe not. He goes on to say that all the challenges "will be met".

PH: Obama's warning that "Our nation is at war with far-reaching network of violence and hatred" is a slap in the face for David Miliband.

PH: Good responsibility message: "Those of is who spend the public's money will be held to account ... must spend the money wisely." This isn't just about reassuring the public but also the US's creditors.

PH: A nod to "peace in Afghanistan". Laying the ground for Petraeus's next surge.

PH: There are plenty of military references in this address. Obama's calling the military the "guardians of our liberty" and pays respects to those in Arlington.

PH: There it is, the key phrase: "A new era of responsibilty."