Rod Liddle

On the standard of political debate

On the standard of political debate
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Just received this update from the Brexit Party: 'Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage threw down a challenge to Tory leader-elect Boris Johnson: “Boris says he wants to put me back in my box. If he wants a fight – hold my jacket!"’

To which Boris will undoubtedly reply: 'Jog on, you mug. I’ll rip you a new arsehole.' And then Nigel can come back with: 'Not after you’ve met my friend Mr Stanley, you albino gimp. After that, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. Literally.'

Who says the standard of political debate these days is parlous? Boris and Nigel will of course need to make some sort of accommodation. After they’ve given each other a slap.

I’m (meant to be: it sometimes changes) on Newsnight tonight, talking about my new book The Great Betrayal – The True Story of Brexit, which is out on Thursday. I’m hoping they will be interested in debating the chapter which deals with the BBC’s role in the Remainer cause. I’m hoping...