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Out and proud

Out and proud
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I accept that this thread follows a little uncomfortably from my previous thread – I mean, if ever there was a happy challenge to the stereotype then this is it. Peter Tatchell has just received an honorary doctorate from Sussex University, for his services to human rights etc. Good, so he should, few deserve the accolade more. In his acceptance speech he said the following:

"Be sceptical, question authority, be a rebel. All human progress is the result of far-sighted people challenging orthodoxy, tradition and powerful, vested interests. Don't accept the world as it is. Dream about what the world could be - then help make it happen. In whatever field of endeavour you work, be a change-maker for the upliftment of humanity.”

I suppose you might argue that this is a little grandiose, especially that last sentence about the, um, upliftment of humanity. Also he should have added “and whenever possible, rip the piss out of Diane Abbott”. But other than that, fine words and good advice.