Owen Jones’s election advice falls flat with Alastair Campbell

Owen Jones's election advice falls flat with Alastair Campbell
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With Jeremy Corbyn appointed as the new leader of the Labour party, few could be more pleased by the news than the left-wing messiah's personal cheerleader Owen Jones. In fact the Guardian columnist was one of the first to celebrate the Labour MP's victory yesterday, praising Corbyn during a string of media appearances.

He then moved on to offer some advice to the New Labour wing of the divided party over what they should do to support Corbyn's election campaign; urging them to 'turn away from the negativity of your media champions' and 'come up with a vision' as 'that's how you win'. Alas these comments did not go down well with Tony Blair's former spin doctor Alastair Campbell — who had urged people to vote for Anyone But Corbyn. Campbell took to Twitter to tell Jones to 'come back after you've won a few general elections and start lecturing about winning'.

When one user replied to point out that Labour had failed to win the last two general elections, Campbell responded — on feisty form — that this was because they had failed to adopt New Labour policies:

Corbyn may be in charge, but the Blairites won't be going anywhere without a fight.