Pamela Anderson: I could handle Mr Barnier better than May

Pamela Anderson: I could handle Mr Barnier better than May
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Theresa May is desperately trying to convince both her European counterparts and her British colleagues that her Brexit plan is a goer. However, the Prime Minister has attracted criticism from across the pond – and this time it's not from President Trump. Step forward Pamela Anderson.

The former Baywatch start turned left wing activist tells Jacobin magazine about her hopes for a Lexit (left wing Brexit) – adding that her preferred rpute going forward is a Jeremy Corbyn government:

'It is vital that the European Union is thoroughly and fundamentally reformed. Europe deserves a much better form of organized cooperation. And I would really support the UK attempting to create an alternative for Europe.'

Anderson says May's deal fails the test and she could have negotiated a better deal:

'The current deal proposed by Theresa May does not offer such an alternative. I joked that I’m sure I could have negotiated better conditions than this dumb deal. I have been negotiating with Hollywood for decades. I could handle Mr. Michel Barnier [the European Union’s chief negotiator].'

The former actress says that if she is unable to negotiate, then Corbyn could be the next best bet:

'Did you see Theresa May not being able to get out of her car while Merkel was waiting outside? That’s the best metaphor for Brexit. In such a situation, the solution is not a second referendum, but a general election. And I hope Jeremy Corbyn will be the next prime minister.'

Should Corbyn enter Downing Street in 2019, perhaps Anderson can join his negotiating team.

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