Paris terrorism photos not en Vogue, says magazine’s picture editor

Paris terrorism photos not en Vogue, says magazine's picture editor
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In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, many have been left asking why they happened and what can be done to prevent another deadly massacre. Meanwhile some -- including Jeremy Corbyn -- have asked why terrorist attacks in non-European countries appear to attract less attention. However, for one Vogue fashion journalist the question on her lips is to do with another matter entirely: why weren't there any photos of a high standard?

Alessia Glaviano -- Vogue Italia's senior photo editor -- has taken to the net to ask why the photos documenting the attack were not of a higher standard. Glaviano -- who was in Paris at the time -- says that it seems 'peculiar' to her that no photographers took high quality photos. Furthermore, she can't see much of an excuse as to why there weren't better photos given that many photographers were in the city at the time of the attacks for Paris Photo, the photography fair:


While Mr S is no expert in photography, he can hesitate a guess as to why the quality of photos may have not been a priority for Parisians and visitors alike. Perhaps as they fled gun shots, suicide bombers and hostage scenes to seek safety during the attacks -- which left at least 129 people dead -- capturing the perfect photo just wasn't on the top of their priority list.

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