Pat Glass calls voter a ‘horrible racist’ while out on the EU campaign trail

Pat Glass calls voter a 'horrible racist' while out on the EU campaign trail
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In the General Election, a number of Labour supporters defected to Ukip over growing concerns that the party was no longer able to address the issue of immigration. Given that uncontrolled immigration is a big issue in the EU referendum debate, Labour's Remain-ers need to win back trust here.

Alas, Pat Glass appears to have done the In camp no favours today while out on the campaign trail. The Shadow Europe Minister described a voter she met on the campaign trail in Sawley, Derbyshire, as a 'horrible racist' after they described a Polish family in the area as 'scroungers'. Speaking to BBC Radio Derby, Glass said:

'The very first person I come to was a horrible racist. I’m never coming back to wherever this is.'

As residents began to criticise her comments, Glass has had to perform a U-turn. She now days that her comments were inappropriate as 'concerns about immigration are entirely valid':

'The comments I made were inappropriate and I regret them. Concerns about immigration are entirely valid and it’s important that politicians engage with them. I apologise to the people living in Sawley for any offence I have caused.'

Good luck telling Corbyn that.

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