Paul Mason’s England World Cup identity crisis

Paul Mason's England World Cup identity crisis
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Paul Mason wasn’t the only England fan celebrating last night’s World Cup win over Colombia but he is perhaps one of the more surprising. The journalist-turned-left-wing-revolutionary was pictured with St George’s crosses emblazoned on both cheeks taking to the streets of south London.

— Paul Mason (@paulmasonnews) July 3, 2018

But Mr S. was somewhat surprised to see Mason's apparent change of heart. After all, this is the same Paul Mason who wrote in the Guardian in 2015: ‘As an English person I would like to declare up front: I do not want to be English’

After being asked to explain this, Paul Mason helpfully clarified on Twitter:

It's still my position - My ethnicity is British - my nationality proletarian

— Paul Mason (@paulmasonnews) July 3, 2018

Mr S is even more confused than before...

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