Paul Mason turns on the ‘Stalinist left’ over Iran

Paul Mason turns on the 'Stalinist left' over Iran
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With the death toll in Iran thought to sit at 21 following a series of clashes between protesters and security forces at nationwide demonstrations, many politicians have been quick to express concern over the regime. However, Jeremy Corbyn has intriguingly gone quiet on Iran.

Happily, some on the left have proved more willing to comment. The Guardian's Owen Jones has expressed 'solidarity with any Iranian protestors who are fighting for democracy and freedom, both from a vicious regime and from US domination'. Meanwhile, Paul Mason – the journalist turned left wing revolutionary – has used a blog post to criticise the 'Stalinist left' for trying to 'smear the protests as pro-imperialist':

'Putin, Assad, Hezbollah and all their cheerleaders in the alt-right and Stalinist left are already trying to smear the protests as pro-imperialist. The revolt shows, once again, that Stalinism is not a dead issue in the progressive movement, and that its remaining advocates want only an authoritarian “anti-imperialist” regime to support.'

Whatever could he be getting at?