People’s Vote celebrity ad: I voted Remain... and I still want to Remain

People's Vote celebrity ad: I voted Remain... and I still want to Remain
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With Theresa May's Brexit proposals looking increasingly difficult to get through Parliament, the so-called 'People's Vote' campaign has stepped up its efforts to bring about a second referendum... sorry, 'vote on the final deal'. The campaign group runs on the idea that the facts have changed so it's only fair that there's another vote. In that vein, they have released a new advert packed with on-message celebrities.

Among those proclaiming the benefits of a second referendum are people's champion Gary Lineker, thespian Dominic West and Steve Coogan. In it, blogger and writer Scarlett Curtis declares 'this is not what we voted for'. Only while Mr S suspects that Scarlett is right to say the current options being considered are not what she voted for, that is because she voted... Remain. As did the bulk of the celebrities in this film as far as Mr S can work out. Here's a rundown of the celebrities who voted Remain who... you guessed it... still want to Remain:

  1. Dominic West – 'just imagine what they're going to be like negotiating with Trump'
  2. Yet it seems The Affair actor has always held such concerns. Ahead of the original people's vote, West put his name to a widely-panned  luvvies' letter warning that 'global creative success would be severely weakened by walking away'.

  3. Gary Lineker – 'How many times do we say, well with hindsight I would have done things differently?'
  4. Only it seems Lineker would not have done anything differently given that he voted Remain and has not changed his position since the EU referendum result.

    Personally I believe there are plenty of reasons to remain, but barely any to leave. Love Europe, love being part of Europe. #Remain

    — Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) June 22, 2016

  5. Tim Minchin – 'neither the government nor the people had very much information'
  6. Minchin has thought this for a long time – in fact, before any details of the government position were made public. As well as voting Remain, just two days after the initial Leave vote, Minchin took to social media to suggest a second vote could be just what the doctor ordered:

    I know I don't need to say this. But Brexit vote was non-binding. A passionate majority post-referendum reaction would make govt reassess

    — Tim Minchin (@timminchin) June 25, 2016

  7. Dan Snow – 'We are barrelling towards either a bad deal or no deal'
  8. Is Snow one of the many people the People's Vote campaign keeps telling us have changed their mind over Brexit? Alas not. Snow has been warning against Brexit for some time – coming out for Remain ahead of the EU referendum. He also blames himself for the result as a trip abroad meant he couldn't join Bob Geldof on the Brexit Thames flotilla:

    'The flotilla was my big missed moment. Three of my great passions came together in that flotilla. Remaining in Europe, boats, and doing things with an eye on their historic relevance. That boat thing was just screaming out for someone to take the helm.'

    What could have been...

  9. Scarlett Curtis: 'This is not what we voted for' Correct, Scarlett - that's because you voted Remain and put a poo emoticon on Brexiteer Boris Johnson's face to mark the occasion. Stay classy now.
  10. #CatsAgainstBrexit - Catsby is IN. And he also just did a lil' poo on Boris. #Remain

    — Scarlett Curtis (@scarcurtis) June 20, 2016

  11. Matt Lucas – 'Even my friends and family who voted to Leave didn't vote for no deal or a bad deal'
  12. It's just a shame none of those so-called Leave voting friends were able to speak for themselves in this video – instead it fell to the long term Remain advocate comedian.

    We cannot succumb to Brexit disaster. It’s time to campaign to save our future

    — Matt Lucas (@RealMattLucas) June 28, 2016

  13. Natasha McElhone – 'a people's vote'
  14. The Truman Show actress wasn't too keen on the original people's vote – she previously told the Evening Standard that she was 'in shock' when the Leave result came through.

  15. Armando Iannucci – 'it's time we took back control'
  16. The Thick of It writer's rallying cry comes after his vote to Remain failed to swing the initial vote:

    I'll be voting to Remain. I don't want this country for the first time in its history to be defined by its fear and suspicion of others.

    — Armando Iannucci (@Aiannucci) June 14, 2016

  17. Patrick Stewart – the people were misled and lied to
  18. Stewart has been humming this tune for some time. Ahead of the EU referendum, Stewart actively campaigned for Remain and penned an article for the Guardian on the topic.

  19. Steve Coogan - Brexit is a big deal is not a done deal
  20. Coogan like many others in the video puts his signature to the EU referendum Remain luvvies' letter. He has also charmingly suggested that Brexiteers are 'dinosaurs' like his character Alan Partridge.

    It's almost as though none of the celebrities have changed their mind on Brexit yet they keep claiming other people have. If you know a celebrity who appears in this video who did vote Leave in the original people's vote, please get in touch.

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