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Petraeus 2012 Watch

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Previously, I've argued that even if General David Petraeus does have political ambitions there are any number of obstacles that might make it difficult for him to make a successful bid for the Presidency. All those points still stand. Nevertheless, it's worth noting that the CENTCOM commander is this year's recipient of the American Enterprise Institute's annual Irving Kristol Award and that he'll be AEI's guest of honour at its annual dinner next year.

As I say, a 2012 run seems most improbable (at the moment!) but 2016? Well, that could, conceivably, be a different story. Consider this award a data point, however.

The flip-side to the award, mind you, is that, notwithstanding Petraeus's merit and achievements there may not have been a deep field of potential honorees this year.

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