Phillip Lee’s promise to respect the Brexit vote

Phillip Lee's promise to respect the Brexit vote
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In a dramatic move earlier this evening, the MP Phillip Lee crossed the House of Commons floor to join the Liberal Democrats, in protest at Boris Johnson's Brexit strategy.

The MP, who represents Bracknell (a constituency that voted Leave in 2016), blasted the government in a statement for ‘using political manipulation, bullying and lies’ to achieve its agenda.

But Mr S wonders if perhaps Lee should look a little closer to home before he criticises others... Back in 2016, before the EU referendum, Lee spoke at the Frontline Club and emphatically promised the audience and his constituents that ‘if the country votes to leave I will represent the public’s view and vote accordingly.’

Mr S isn’t entirely sure how that pledge, and his assertion that 'Parliament should deliver what is required of that decision of the British people’ weighs up with his new party's current policy that there should be a second Brexit referendum....

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