Piers Morgan has a change of heart over Donald Trump’s presidential bid

Piers Morgan has a change of heart over Donald Trump's presidential bid
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After Super Tuesday, Donald Trump is the clear favourite to be the Republican candidate in the US presidential election. As naysayers go into panic mode over the possibility of President Trump, an unlikely ally has come to Trump's aid.

Step forward Piers Morgan. The former Mirror editor waxed lyrical about the presidential hopeful on the Today show. Morgan says he speaks to Trump regularly -- after he became acquainted with Trump when he appeared on his Celebrity Apprentice show in America:

'I spent most of that time watching Trump in his natural habitat of his boardroom and I was very impressed with him. I saw a pretty smart guy who knew how to play that boardroom of very varied human contestants like a concert conductor. I saw someone who had a warmth, a good humor, a sense of perspective.'

Morgan goes on to say that people need not be so scared of Trump getting into power -- as he is more moderate than he makes out:

'When I see Trump being more outrageous in some of the things he is saying and doing now, I think he is just doing that to grab media attention. And I think the reality of a Trump presidency, if it came to it, would be an awful lot more moderate.'

While Morgan stops short of endorsing the man, his words definitely mark a change in his attitude towards his old 'friend'. In December, Morgan blasted Trump for saying that all Muslims should be banned from the United States. Writing for Mail Online, Morgan claimed Trump had 'crossed a line':

'What’s not okay is banning an entire people, a religion, from America. For starters, it violates international law. Second, it evokes hideous memories of the Nazi purge of Jews in World War II based solely on their religious ethnicity.

But perhaps most pertinently for you Donald is that when applied to U.S. citizens who happen to also be Muslim, your rule would be a clear, flagrant breach of the US Constitution. A document you bow at the altar to during every debate about guns.'

Could Morgan be trying to get back in Trump's good books now his chances of being the next President of the United States are looking up?

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