Rod Liddle

Piers Morgan: the best interviewer in the world

Piers Morgan: the best interviewer in the world
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If you haven’t seen it yet, this video of Piers Morgan interviewing a lunatic is good value for a few minutes:

He is the butt of many jokes, Morgan, and I suspect the Americans like his rather bumptious public school schtick more than we do. He is, however, a very good interviewer indeed, both in print and on screen; genuinely one of the best, much as it grieves me to say so.

He didn’t have to do much here, mind, apart from keep a straight face. The gun lobby must curse Alex Jones every time he appears on screen to support their cause. I wonder, beyond the screeched debate about low crime figures and high murder rates, if the reason so many whacko shooting sprees take place in the US is more down to ideology; that guns are the decisive way to settle stuff when you’ve had too much. And legitimate morally too. As I’ve pointed out before, these mass killings are almost always angry lower-middle class white boys, the very people who buy into that kind of mythologizing.