Place your bets! Bookies reveal favourites for Theresa May’s Cabinet

Place your bets! Bookies reveal favourites for Theresa May's Cabinet
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As Theresa May prepares to move into No.10 today, Britain's next Prime Minister has a united party behind her. Since Andrea Leadsom dropped out on Monday, Conservative MPs have done their best to put any differences behind them and rally behind their new leader.

However with a Cabinet reshuffle looming, that could all change very quickly indeed. Given that there have been little to no leaks regarding the impending reshuffle, it's anyone's guess who May will pick for her front bench.

Happily, the bookies are at least on hand to offer their list of politicians to watch. In a move that is likely to worry Out-ers, Paddy Power have Remain-er Philip Hammond -- who has claimed Brexit could take six years -- as the odds-on favourite (2/7) to be the next Chancellor.

Meanwhile Project Fear dooms-monger George Osborne (7/4) is tipped for Foreign Secretary.

On the Brexit front, Chris Grayling is the favourite to takeover from May as Home Secretary.

While there is hope that Michael Gove could cling on to his Justice brief despite his recent treachery, David Davis and Liam Fox are tied as his likely successor. As for Boris Johnson? Well, it's not looking great for BoJo, he is the outside bet for Foreign Secretary (40/1).

Mr S suspects that if there are no Brexiteers in the top three jobs, May will have an early rebellion on her hands.