James Forsyth

PMQs: Cameron tries to bring Christmas cheer to the Commons

PMQs: Cameron tries to bring Christmas cheer to the Commons
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The last PMQs before Christmas will not live long in the memory. After last week’s rather entertaining Eagle Osborne clash, it was back to the Cameron and Corbyn show. The Labour leader has now abandoned his ‘new politics’ style and today asked all of his questions on the NHS. The exchanges weren’t particularly enlightening as Cameron parried the Labour leader with relative ease. Cameron was clearly keen to whip up the Tory benches and send them off for the holidays in good cheer. But the atmosphere in the Chamber remained relatively muted. .

Angus Robertson went on the EU renegotiation, the subject which Corbyn should have led on as six questions on it would have put Cameron on the back foot. Indeed, Cameron’s desire to avoid getting dragged into the detail of the renegotiation was clear when Douglas Carswell asked him whether he still wanted to bring back social and employment law as he had said in his Bloomberg speech. Cameron dodged the question by making a decent joke about how Carswell was causing his ‘new boss’, Nigel Farage, as many problems as he used to cause him.