James Forsyth

PMQs: The TV debates row rumbles on

PMQs: The TV debates row rumbles on
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There are only a couple more sessions of PMQs left before the election and there was a slightly end of term feeling to today’s session. Ed Miliband started by mocking Cameron’s failure to meet his immigration pledge. Cameron responded by reading out a list of Tory achievements, almost daring Bercow to cut him off - which he eventually did. Cameron then started to mock Miliband asking those putting him on their leaflets to put their hands up, cue Tory MPs enthusiastically putting their hands up.

But Miliband then changed tack and started asking about the TV debates. Cameron, who is determined not to do them, was not as comfortable answering these questions. But Miliband is still relying on the broadcasters to arrange the debate, which is a mistake as they have made a total hash of the process so far. ​