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Podcast: Cameron the radical, animal welfare and student sex

Podcast: Cameron the radical, animal welfare and student sex
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How will Cameron be remembered in years to come? As a steady-as-she-goes pragmatist or a radical reformer? In actual fact, he’s both. No modern Tory leader has been so good at looking calm under fire, yet there is a more radical Cameron. The insouciance is partly an act. In this week’s podcast, Freddy Gray, Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth examine these two sides of Cameron. With the party conference looming, and the election just eight months away, Cameron needs to make the case for Tory radicalism.

The Manchester dogs’ home fire has revealed our strange attitude to animal suffering. There is a glaring double standard in our adoration for our pets and our tolerance for intensive farming. Why do we care about the mutts from Manchester but not the chickens from KFC, asks Melissa Kite. She’s joined by Camilla Swift (and Charlie the dog) to discuss our mixed-up views on animal welfare.

And finally, students and sex. At some universities, undergraduates are being asked to take part in compulsory sex classes. Brendan O’Neill suggests students should rebel, bunk off these classes, and learn about real sex in their digs. He’s joined by Amelia Horgan – women’s officer for Cambridge University Student Union – who thinks consent classes are necessary, and not at all authoritarian.

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