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Podcast: civil war in the Catholic church

Podcast: civil war in the Catholic church
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Are Pope Francis’ reforms and pronouncements risking a civil war within the Catholic church? On the latest View from 22 podcast, Damian Thompson and Fraser Nelson discuss this week’s Spectator cover feature on the Pope vs. the church. How concerned should Catholics be about the Pope’s wild statements? Is the church pining for the days of Pope Benedict? Is the Catholic church on track to lose its unity? And how split is the Synod over Pope Francis?

Isabel Hardman and Fraser Nelson also discuss whether MPs will ever vote to bomb Syria. Does David Cameron regret losing the Commons vote in 2013 and does he remain determined to put it right? At which point might the Prime Minister be able to convince MPs to back military action? And how divided is Labour over the issue — are they listening to Jeremy Corbyn?

Plus, Con Coughlin and Tom Tugendhat debate whether Britain’s armed forces have the resources to fight a major war. Have defence cuts taken our armed forces to an unacceptably minimal level? Does the commitment to spend two per cent of GDP on defence mean anything? And what is likely to come out of the defence spending review?

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