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Podcast: Putin’s war on the West and the disappearing Lib Dems

Podcast: Putin’s war on the West and the disappearing Lib Dems
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Is Vladimir Putin drawing a new Iron Curtain over Europe? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Anne Applebaum and Ben Judah discuss the new Spectator cover feature on whether Putin’s is winning his war on the West. Is Putin worried about the strength Western liberal democracies or the power of the European Union? How does his influence extend into Britain, France and Poland? And how much important is Ukraine as a battle line between the Putin and the West?

James Forysth and Isabel Hardman discuss whether the Liberal Democrats are scared of the upcoming election As the election campaign ramps up, the minor party of this government is nowhere to be seen. Are they being pushed out of the political debate? Is this a sign of their impending collapse at the next election?

Plus, Mark Mason and Lara Prendergast discuss the rise of the personal space invaders. Why do some people insist on standing so close to others in social situations? Is this just a part of our society becoming generally more touchy-feely ?

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