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Podcast: the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks

Podcast: the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks
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Is Jeremy Corbyn a peacenik or is he only interested in badmouthing the West? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Nick Cohen and Freddy Gray discuss the Paris terrorist attacks and the response from British politicians. Was the Labour leader right to shift his position on shoot to kill? What does his association with Stop The War mean for the party? And has Corbyn's response to the events in Paris weakened his leadership?

Toby Young and Kemi Badenoch also discuss integration, multiculturalism and whether failures in these areas have played a role in the growth of Isis. How can the West counter the arguments made by Islamists? And to what extent is Isis Islamic?

James Forsyth and Ben Judah also discuss Barack Obama’s failure to take a lead in the war against Isis and the opportunity this presents for Vladimir Putin. Could he be the silver bullet the West is looking for in Syria, or would working closely with Russia further complicate the situation?

Plus, Isabel Hardman and Brendan O’Neill discuss whether changing your Facebook profile picture to include the French flag matters. Is this another example of 'virtue signalling' or a harmless way for people to express their feelings about the terrorist attacks? Is it at all different from wearing a poppy in November?

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