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Podcast: The new political correctness and how Labour lost Scotland

Podcast: The new political correctness and how Labour lost Scotland
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Is there something menacing about the march of the new political correctness? On the latest View from 22 podcast, Brendan O’Neill and Tim Squirrell debate this week’s cover feature on the new PC and the implications for freedom of speech. How easy is it to navigate this lexicon? Have we lost our British sense of being ridiculous? And how much does political correctness really help progressive causes?

Alex Massie and James Forsyth also discuss Labour’s troubles north of the border and how its problems might also spell trouble for the union. Is Jim Murphy doing a good job as Scottish Labour leader? Will the return of Gordon Brown improve or worsen the situation?

Plus, Isabel Hardman and Fraser Nelson discuss Nicky Morgan’s new plans to approve more than 50 new free schools. Is this a sign that the schools revolution is continuing? Will the Conservatives use this government’s education successes as an electoral weapon?

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