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Podcast: the rise of left wing populism and Julie Burchill vs. Katie Hopkins

Podcast: the rise of left wing populism and Julie Burchill vs. Katie Hopkins
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What do Ed Miliband, Hillary Clinton and Nicola Sturgeon have in common? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Jamie KirchickFraser Nelson and Alex Massie discuss the rise of left-wing populism in Britain, Scotland and America. How has Ed Miliband managed to harness the anger of mob to build-up momentum in the general election campaign? It's a similar situation in Scotland, where the SNP has harnessed this angry mob to make it a one-party country. Across the Atlantic, Hillary Clinton has kicked off her 2016 presidential bid with a newfound populist side — is this at all credible? And will these stance eventually put all the three leaders into power?

Julie Burchill and Katie Hopkins also go head-to-head on whether someone can be overweight and happy. In the magazine this week, Burchill writes that she has no problem with being fat and is happier than when she was thinner. Hopkins has vigorously campaigned against fat people — does she think Burchill is lazy? What are the health effects of being overweight and do they matter?

Plus, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman discuss the latest developments on the election campaign trail. How have the Tories managed to avoid a near-death experience during the campaign? Which party has produced the best manifesto this week? And is Nigel Farage in danger in South Thanet?

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