David Blackburn

Prepare to be nudged

Prepare to be nudged
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Nudge’ posits that people can be subtly cajoled into changing their behaviour. The Cameroons were convinced nudgers at one stage. Greg Clark and Grant Shapps designed The Green Deal, a free home insulation programme to encourage green living, paid for by savings on energy bills. Then David Cameron and Steve Hilton conceived the Big Society and nudging was discarded as some unwanted puppy.   

But, James Crabtree reports that nudging is back. There’s even a ‘nudge unit’ in No.10:

‘The group, whispers one insider, was first set to find alternatives to the constant regulations flowing through Whitehall, but is becoming increasingly influential. Officially titled the “behavioural insight team”, it is to be run by uber-wonk and academic David Halpern, who also worked as an advisor to Tony Blair. Unusually, the group’s work is to be overseen by a board co-chaired by both Steve Hilton and Gus O’Donnell, cabinet secretary.’


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