Prince Harry’s eco-warrior credentials take another hit

Prince Harry’s eco-warrior credentials take another hit
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Life seems to be going well for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after they officially split from the royal family and swanned off to sunny California. The couple have managed to bag an exclusive Netflix contract, reportedly worth millions, a new book deal, and have a snazzy charitable foundation which aims to ‘unleash the power of compassion to drive systemic cultural change.’

The pair have also been at the forefront of the charge to tackle climate change. In May Harry suggested that the climate was one of the two 'most pressing issues' facing the world (along with mental health, of course) and last year lamented that we couldn’t leave the world ‘on fire’ for future generations.

When it comes to solutions, H&M have made it clear that solving the climate crisis is something that people can take on at an individual level. ‘With nearly 7.7 billion people inhabiting this Earth, every choice, every footprint, every action makes a difference’ the Sussexes’ Instagram has explained.

Only it appears that Harry may be struggling to accommodate his glam lifestyle with the trials of saving the planet.

Today the Daily Mail and Sun report that Harry clambered aboard his friend’s private jet this week for a 750-mile round journey. The Prince is reported to have played a charity polo match in Aspen, Colorado with the jet leaving from his Santa Barbara home. All in all, the two hour flight could have created around ten tonnes of CO2 – and all for an overland journey.

This isn’t the first time that Harry has been caught in hot (or perhaps rapidly rising) water over his eco-credentials. In 2019, Harry gave a barefoot speech at Google’s climate change themed shindig in Sicily, which he reportedly travelled to by private jet and helicopter. It certainly seems to be something of a pattern now, where the superrich elite fly around the world telling everyone else to buckle up to save the planet, while creating a mountain of CO2 themselves. 

Earlier this year Harry was tricked by pranksters who phoned him up pretending to be the climate activist and school truant Greta Thunberg. Mr S has some advice for the Duke after this latest eco faux pas: if Greta calls, definitely don’t pick up the phone now…

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