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World Gone Mad: the Senate Ethics Committee is going to investigate Senator Larry Craig's "incident" in a Minneapolis airport bathroom. For crying out loud, what earthly business is it of theirs? I find it mystifying that poor Senator Craig was even arrested. So what if he propositioned someone? What's that to you or me? And why is it worse or more "lewd" that he should do so in a men's bathroom than were he to try and pick up a buxom young blond in a nightclub? When did asking for sex become illegal? (Having sex in a public lavatory, absent the owner's consent, is of course a different matter.) What next, undercover cops in college bars?

Sure, it's August and maybe Senator Craig is a hypocrite and a liar (though of course he says he isn't). How does that make him different from the average Senator?

UPDATE: The lunatics are coming out to play! Hugh Hewitt thinks Craig's behaviour is so "repulsive" he should resign immediately:

"even if I did believe him, this would make his judgment too flawed to be in the United States Senate in a time of war. He has to go."

As John Cole says, you gotta love that "in a time of war". Ghastly. Hewitt outdoes himself, even by his mad, mad standards.

UPDATE 2.0: GFR digs into the legal side of this and finds that, yup, I'm right, there's no crime here.

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