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Public to Hillary and Barack: Put Us Out of Our Misery

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I'm actually watching the Washington Capitals-Philadelphia Flyers ice hockey game* (hurrah for NASN!) but this Marc Ambinder post on the Pennsylvania primary was enough to raise an eyebrow:

High Turnout

Officials project a turnout of between 52% and 55% of the Democratic primary electorate; turnout is especially high in Philadelphia;

Hmmm. That's a high turnout? Now, sure Democrats may be more excited and enthused than Republicans. But this has been a month long campaign in a single state and it's still the case almost half of all registered Democrats aren't voting? Perhaps the public is just actually fed up with it all and wishes it was over?

Bonus alternative explanation: a healthy silent minority of long-suffering voters don't mind which of them wins so long as they do so, like, yesterday.

*Turns out those folks who say there's not much better in American sport than a Game Seven in play-off ice hockey had a point. Er, Go Caps!

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