Rod Liddle

Questioning the Climate Change Establishment

Questioning the Climate Change Establishment
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So, this is now the coldest winter for thirty years and the snow is likely to hang around for two weeks, maybe three. How does this square with last year’s prediction from eminent scientists – the Met, the UAE change-the-numbers-monkeys, Marcus Brigstocke etc – that 2010 was going to be the hottest year on record? It could still be, of course – but it will have to go it some. Let’s keep an eye on the figures – so far, coldest for thirty years, remember.

December was cold too, if you remember – yet apparently not included in the figures for 2009 which, if you recall, were jubilantly announced as being the fifth hottest since records began in the middle of November – ie when there was still 11 per cent of the year to go, the coldest bit. None of this disproves man made climate change, of course – but it does surely bring us back to that argument about whether or not we’re qualified to comment. I am well aware that one cold winter proves or disproves nothing; it is the mere blink of an eye, almost an irrelevance. But then, it wasn’t me who said that 2010 was going to be a scorcher and that this was indicative of man-made climate change. 2010 is also the blink of an eye, in the scheme of things. But as I say, the same people who insist that we are going to burn to a crisp and all the polar bears will die told us, authoritatively, that 2010 was going to be a scorcher for this very reason. So far it isn’t. So far they are very wrong. And could not be more wrong. This is why we should question their calculations and why we have the right to do so.

I may introduce a new feature on this page later today, a public service blog, in which Marcus Brigstocke tells us what the weather is going to be like every day, so that we can plan our picnics, football games, etc. Watch this space.