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Questions to Which the Answer is Yes

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John Rentoul may have cornered the market in Questions to which the Answer is No but there's an opening for Questions to Which the Answer is Yes. Clearly, this is a niche market. Nevertheless, Iain Dale asks numbers one and two this evening. Or, rather, the topics for his LBC radio show invite pithy responses:

8pm McCoppers: Should we be using private companies to pay for police officers to patrol city centres to control alcohol fuelled violence?

9pm Should Camilla be Queen when the time comes? Yes and Yes.

A thid question  - "Don't we want politicians to speak their minds?" is out of order as I think it wants to be answered Yes. A fourth, "Are you keeping down with the Jones's?" is ruled a "Probably (if I knew what the question meant)" and so in a different category altogether.

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