Rod Liddle

Read Jeanie’s diary and reach for the gin

Read Jeanie's diary and reach for the gin
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Here’s where your money goes. Read it and seethe. Or maybe just sigh a little and fix yourself a stiff drink. I suppose you might hope that things will change, now that Devon is under the control of the Conservative Party. But if you think that you’ve probably had one stiff drink too many; this stuff is so ingrained, irremovable and yet so loathed by the majority of voters.

Oh, I dunno. Maybe it’s a bit unfair to take it out on Jeanie, who seems such a cheerful and well-meaning soul. That’s the problem, of course – most of them are well-meaning and full of the milk of human kindness. Well, full of your milk of human kindness, as it happens, which in a well-meaning manner they cheerfully dispense to such deserving institutions as the Gypsy Roma Traveller Achievment Service. Roll that around your tongue for a while and wonder. (Click on the image to enlarge)