James Forsyth

Recognising the best

Recognising the best
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On Thursday night Michael Gove announced that a Conservative government would pay off the student loans of those with good science degrees from quality universities. The move, paid for by cutting out a level of bureaucracy in teacher development, would help address the shortage of science and maths specialist in state schools. It was a smart piece of policy that even Ed Balls didn’t attack.

But the Telegraph reports carping amongst various unions that the scheme does not go far enough. The NUT says that, “It is a real mistake to think that they can designate small number of universities as being better than the others.”

This quote sums up so much of what is wrong with the British edcucational establisment. It is absurd to think that all universities in this country are equal. Some are better than others and it makes sense to recognise that when working out who we most want to incetivise to teach in our schools.