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Referendum Watch

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Just elaborating on my post of last night, here are the full numbers for yesterday's Commons vote on the the Tory proposal for a referendum:

311 MPs opposed the proposal

248 MPs supported the proposal

29 Labour MPs supported the proposal

308 Labour MPs opposed the proposal

14 Labour MPs did not vote

186 Conservative MPs supported the proposal

3 Conservative MPs opposed the proposal

2 Conservative MPs did not vote

13 Lib Dem MPs supported the proposal

50 Lib Dem MPs did not vote

The Lib Dem rebels were:

Annette Brooke

Alistair Carmichael

Tim Farron

Sandra Gidley

Andrew George

Mike Hancock

David Heath

John Hemming

Paul Holmes

Martin Horwood

Greg Mulholland

John Pugh

Richard Younger-Ross

David Heath, Tim Farron and Alistair Carmichael have resigned from the Lib Dem front-bench. Nick Clegg's decided not to punish any of the remaining rebels.

P.S. Do check out I Want a Referendum's response.